Here's your chance to look before you call; I have provided this selection of work samples.

Many of my samples are proprietary, which means that I cannot allow them to be seen in the form they were created. Some of these samples have been modified to obscure the company for which they were created. Some of them have generic information replacing specifics. Keep in mind that what you are seeing may not be the complete or finished document. I present them as examples only, so that you can compare them to other documents you have seen.

I can provide some proprietary samples for viewing during a face-to-face meeting, but I value our client's privacy and we scrupulously honor my contractual obligations not to divulge client information.

Use the links at the right to see examples of what I've done for others. In some cases only portions of a completed work are shown; sometimes only a graphic representation is displayed. In cases where only a single chapter or a portion thereof is provided, cross-reference links may not work because they link to omitted portions of the document.

Hardware install, single page

Partial Admin Guide

Online manual

FRU replacement

Illustrator drawing

Print manual

CHM help